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    If you love ideas about the best scented gifts—especially for birthday presents or holiday gifts—then The Perfume Expert is your ace in the hole. Need to buy your girlfriend perfume?

    This is the place to be. Want to update your mother’s scent palette by knowing what she likes now? Come on by.

    While this site produces great perfume reviews, it also provides expert tips and has a “Perfume 101” section, which is perfect for beginners.

    A step-by-step guide to launching a perfume line.

    Alpha Aromatics Guide To Starting A Perfume Line

    With articles that include topics like, “How to Pick Out Cologne,” “How to Shop for Perfume,” and “How to Find Your Signature Scent,” it’s possible to go from perfume novice to scent connoisseur just by setting aside some time to read this informative blog.

    Best Outside-the-Box Scent Blogs

    Ayala Moriel, who writes Ayala’s Smelly Blog, creates natural artisan perfumes.

    She runs a small perfume business from her home and enjoys talking about the fragrances that come from flowers and fruits around the world, complete with pictures to describe not only the scents that she encounters, but her overall journey through her life.

    Her reviews are in-depth, and she comments frequently on olfactory articles and natural perfumery.

    She views perfume as part of a lifestyle choice that includes food, drink, entertainment, travel, and creative pursuits, ensuring that she blends in different elements to create interesting blogs with tons of information.

    Indie Perfumes is all about handmade and microniche perfumes.

    The author loves how innovative and imaginative new scents can be, and how there can be used to expand a perfume business’ brand, as well as the brand of the business’ customers.

    How to build a brand using the power of fragrance.

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