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    About the Frugal

    Frugal is a quality conscious, premium e-commerce marketplace that strives in creating or procuring innovative beauty products and the best Perfumes in Pakistan that are unique but pure in their formulations and deliver the results as promised. All our formulations are carefully selected following extensive research to create exceptional products that meet the expectations of all individuals. We didn’t need a fancy name. Frugal signifies what we stand for simplicity, virtuous, economical and thrifty. Frugal means ``characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources,`` which helps explain its appeal: it can suggest not only belt-tightening on a personal level but also conservation in a broader sense. In a world where anyone and everyone uses terms like “natural” and “organic” so loosely, how does one figure out the good from the not-so-good and steer clear of the stuff that isn’t actually good? And how is Frugal any different? We stand for three fundamental things that we believe are lacking in the Pakistani beauty market… Safety, Honest Disclosure and Effectiveness in Delivering Promised Results. Frugal The Best Perfumes in Pakistan

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    Frugal Absolutely Yes!, Find best perfumes, cosmetics and accessories at your door step