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    At Alpha Aromatics, we are undoubtedly “fragrance people”, but to earn that title, we know we need to stay on the pulse and know everything that’s going on in the fragrance world—attending conferences, talking to our colleagues around the world, and visiting with others in the industry, albeit in limited fashion over the past year due to the covid pandemic.

    Our marketing, sales, and chief perfumers also read everything that they can about perfumes including news, reviews and more.

    And within the past 15 years, a lot of information has been shared through fragrance blogs that are written by people who are just as passionate about scents — we’re a big fan of many of those blogs, and we love the ideas and information they share.

    The Fragrant Notes Of Scents

    While there are so many great fragrance blogs out there (ahem, ours included) we felt we should narrow our list to the Top 8 sites we follow to stay in touch, so you can see some of the blogs and writers we follow and find out why they’re on our radar.

    We believe, the more educated a potential buyer is, the more likely they are to buy fragrances based on their particular needs, and the more pleased they will be with their purchase.

    While buying perfume is a personal choice that has been about the in-person experience, there’s plenty of online help available.

    Keep in mind, too, that the Millennial generation is much more likely to review blogs before making purchases, so more information is better for your potential customers—no matter their age.


    • July 31, 2019

      Isabel Miller

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