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    Best All-Around Perfume and Scent Blogs

    Frugal isn’t only a perfume blog. It also explores other lifestyle topics including beauty, art, and food.

    This blog’s author, journalist and photographer Victoria Frolova, has been authoring the blog since 2005, but has many more years of experience as a professionally trained perfume specialist and fragrance industry analyst.

    Her interests are eclectic and may not specifically tie into the fragrance industry, but are interrelated.

    Explore our guide to creating a fragrance brief for your fragrance line.

    Visual Mood Board Fragrance Brief Creation

    One week, she’ll explore building a fragrance wardrobe, and the next will offer product reviews, followed by a recipe. She also boasts a large following and counts the The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, and Vogue as fans.

    Fragrantica is a massive website that’s arguably one of the premier perfumery sites available. The amount of information is culled from both online sources and contributions from Fragrantica’s print magazine.

    The site talks about trends, making it valuable for perfumers and scent businesses. There’s information about perfumes both past and present, and user can discuss it all within the large online community. This is THE place to be if you love all things fragrance.


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